A La Carte Clinics are clinics/programs available with or without personal training. You can order a private clinic with Michele, or see to create a small or huge seminar or party with these example topics, or Michele can create your dream custom topic. No idea to big or small. Contact Michele Today!

Many clinics are available online privately or for groups as well.  Please ask for a quote.


bigstock-Man-Jumping-in-Sun-Rays-13239839Healthy Kickstart BootCamp (Designed for the working adult, in person Personal Training not included)

A program for YOU that you can manage during your normal working life, with MENTORING & help from Michele!

5 Days in an HOUR* (well, more like 2-3 hours…it’s a big get it done session)

Works with YOUR schedule

Directed by YOU for YOUR environment / life

Michele the Trainer’s 5 Day Kickstart Healthy Boot Camp; a program you can manage during your normal working life.

This will include 1 (one in person more session) and five 30 minute phone calls during this 5 day cycle.

Commit to 5 days of moving and eating the healthiest you can!!

Available online too!

bigstock-Volcano-eruption-14463455Food and Energy
Do you ever want to know why your meals make you feel so tired?

Would you like to learn how to eat and have energy?

 Available online too!

SaladHow to Make a Boring Salad Great / How to Make a Sexy Salad
Michele will teach you her books in person! Learn how EASY, DELICIOUS, and important fueling your body and workout can be!

Includes one book! Michele can teach any recipe or variation from Michele the Trainer’s Quick Start to Losing 100 Pounds, or Michele the Trainer’s Top Twenty Secrets to Make a Boring Salad Sexy

“I was trying to work three jobs while learning to take better care of myself. It became my husbands job to take care of the house including meals. I tried many ways of explaining how to prepare sexy salads but was not successful. After one session with MTT my husband was better able to understand the way to make beautiful and healthy meals that took care of me. My husband came home surprised at how simple but filling all the meals were. He praised how wonderful everything tasted but how easy they were to prepare.”

bigstock-Freedom-Illustration-34352246Teen / Tween Confidence
Michele teaches confidence to all ages, but the younger we introduce body image confidence, the better!

 Available online too!

spring-cleaning-buttonSpring Cleaning
Includes one book! Michele can teach any recipe or variation from Michele the Trainer’s Quick Start to Losing 100 Pounds, or Michele the Trainer’s Top Twenty Secrets to Make a Boring Salad Sexy

 Available online too!

woman wakes upHello Monday, Meal Planning
Hello Monday is a private clinic recommended after the Heathy Kickstart Bootamp; it’s Mealplanning for YOUR Health or Weight Loss!

 Available online too!

buddha-belly-yoga-buttonBuddha Belly Yoga
Who: Anyone who wants to do or learn some yoga in a positive no pressure welcoming environment.
YOU are Buddhaful! Yoga and fitness are for everyone and every body
regardless of weight or health challenges.Do you have a belly?Do you want to do Yoga?Do you have weight challenges?Do you have health challenges?
Michele the Trainer understands!
Michele lost 165 pounds and has kept it off since 1998. Michele’s body went through a lot over the years and she understands all the challenges of weight, weight gain, weight loss and many other issues.
Michele knows what we can and cannot do in safety. Michele maintains that Yoga and stretching (and fitness) is for everyone.

NOISY yoga for families, children and animal lovers of all ages!

bigstock-Empty-hammock-between-palm-tre-23424164_smallHow to Relax
Learn to relax and improve the quality of your sleep using body and breath!

 Available online too!

Field Trips:
Farmer’s Market Tours
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Hiking Field Trips
Spa Getaways!