YOU Can Do It! YOU Can Feel Great with Michele the Trainer!

Michele the Trainer is your Mobile Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, World Class Motivational and Educational Speaker, Healthy Lifestyle Weight Loss Coach, Published Author, with a health and fitness system based on her 3 Ms: Motivation, Movement and Mindset. One of Michele’s Successes is losing over 165 pounds and keeping it off since 1998 (no drugs, no surgery).

Michele is an engineering project manager (computer, network, and telecommunications) by first career, where she brought wellness, problem solving, personality, creativity and communication skills to the world of engineering. Michele the Trainer is a fusion of all of her skills and experience, including goal oriented, results driven, analytic, time management and of course a high level of customer service. Your unique fitness health and wellness goals become Michele the Trainer’s project. Together you will create a unique program that’s all about YOU, at your pace and integrating the things that YOU love.

Create the Life You Want Today the Michele the Trainer Way!

Connect with Michele the Trainer today! Michele walks her talk and shares that path with others. Michele is your results leader amongst the Personal Training, Weight Loss, Group Exercise, Aquatic Fitness, Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Holistic Health community. Michele’s fitness resume includes teaching/leading all levels of fitness alongside physical therapy at a private hospital since 2007, teaching group fitness at all the California country clubs and big gyms (Bay Club, Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Clubs) and teaching and speaking seminars and workshops at many California spas, private universities and large organizations.

“My life has just improved”

Michele the Speaker is available as a speaker/motivator for many large organizations.   Michele is all about people and helping people, from wherever they are, to improve their health and wellness by introducing tiny changes, and ADDING delicious, abundant positive healthy improvements to everyday life.  It’s all about YOUR life and what YOU love! YOU can do it! –

“Encouragement and caring; Michele takes in the whole person and doesn’t judge by appearance, social status or eating habits.  What sets Michele apart is her non-judgmental, creative and flexible approach to working with people on their priorities.”

Michele was recently blessed to be the opening presenter at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Dodger Stadium, presenting on the VIP Survivor Experience Stage, with some “wake up warm up” safe & high energy exercises. There were over 15,000 people attending the event!

Michele made herself available for questions and answers from the population during the race itself, then later she gave an UPLIFTING presentation on wellness and motivation. Everyone received sexy salad homework with a SEXY recipe from her new book, Michele the Trainer’s Top Twenty Secrets to Make a Boring Salad Sexy

How to Get Started?

Contact Michele for your free phone consultation, and create a plan that works for you!

For Personal Training or Coaching, Michele can come to you, and she offers Online Training as well.

For personal training and weight loss coaching, you can buy a package.

In addition to Personal Training and Weight Loss Coaching, Michele also offers specialties. You can also choose from her A La Carte Clinic Menu

Michele’s A La Carte Clinic Menu for her Private Clinics!

Topics include:

  • Healthy Kickstart Bootcamp for the Working Adult
  • Food and Energy
  • Teen and Tween Confidence
  • How to Make a Boring Salad Great/How to Make a Sexy Salad
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Hello Monday; Meal Planning
  • Buddha Belly Yoga
  • YogAnimals (noisy yoga for kids)
  • How to Relax
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  • © Hiking Field Trips

Bring Michele Home with Books!

Michele and her books promote colorful recipes that Michele uses on a daily basis to maintain her weight loss. Michele promotes only real organic delicious foods that are fast and super easy to prepare. Simple is the new sophisticated. Michele takes us back to basics! Michele’s books are a great addition to any retail weight loss or diet system. If you are on shakes or a retail diet program, you have to eat real food at some point and these books could not be easier to use! Her new book, Sexy Salads releases in 2013. Michele’s full color products; her books, her journal and her children’s placemat are all available via

Michele the Trainer’s Quick Start to Losing 100 Pounds
Delicious, Easy-To-Follow Organic Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyles

Michele the Trainer’s Success Journal of the 100 Ways to Lose 100 Pounds Series

Michele the Trainer’s Top Twenty Secrets to Make a Boring Salad Sexy

Michele the Trainer’s Funtastic Kid’s Healthy Lifestyle Place mat featuring Recipes for Organic Play Dough and Healthy Snacks

“If it hurts, don’t do it”

Michele’s fitness history includes completing well over 20 full marathons, being a pace leader for the LA Marathon, and many outdoor endurance running and distance cycling events, as well as a Martial Arts and Boxing background originating from the Bruce Lee lineage.

Michele teaches group exercise with intensity ranging from fierce to restorative; Cycling/Spinning, Boot Camp, Interval Fitness, Functional Fitness, Cardio, Strength, Abs, Butt, Athletic Aquatic Fitness, Traditional Aquatic Fitness, Low Impact classes, Mind Body Fusion (Yoga/Chi Gung & Tai Chi), Restorative Yin Yoga and Water and Land Post Physical Therapy, etc. and her list of creative offerings is expanding.  See Michele’s A La Carte Menu for her Private Clinics!

Michele’s clients say she brings a dynamic energy coupled with a mind/body experience unique to any other trainer. They relate well with Michele because she knows how it feels to be a client and an athlete as well, having maintained her own significant weight loss. She is mindful of relating and respecting her clients and students as individuals diminishing any uncomfortable body image issues for her clients. Michele’s ability to connect with, motivate and inspire a large varied population, (from athletes to post-rehab, and from children and teens to seniors), coupled with her enthusiasm to workout learn, and teach herself, displays an increasingly positive impact on her community.

“She sneakily educates without you knowing it.”

Internationally Certified and Insured


Michele lives an organic vegan/yoga lifestyle (Don’t freak out! Most Michele the Trainer clients are omnivores! Michele is vegan but most of her clients are not). Michele lives with an edible landscape; she replaced her lawns with an organic garden ecosystem complete with vermi-composting and grows some of her own food. Michele is a raw vegan chef and raw/live food conscious. Michele has been gluten free and studied yoga for many years long before it was trendy! Michele has been blessed to travel the world seeking out the knowledge and example of internationally acclaimed expert instructors, across disciplines, and she brings that knowledge back to her clients.

Michele loves summers, the ocean, SCUBA diving and feeding the birds.

Environmentally Conscious; “Even as a 4 year old you were signing petitions and making donations to environmental causes. We love and thank you for the magnitude and duration of your passion for the environment, love of the earth, and the intensity and focus of your knowledge of and devotion to the oceans and their creatures.”

Finding Michele:

If you really want to know more about Michele give her a call or send an email!

(877) 409-1758