Michele the Trainer has given me the energy and self-confidence that I desperately needed. I am getting married soon, and needed a reboot in making good food choices and getting physically fit. I tried doing it on my own, but Michele is so much better than a DVD! She offers encouragement, education, and her ear. She works you out hard–without you even know she’s doing it, she teaches you about organics and alternatives, and she’s always available to help you through anything. I feel great, and people have noticed how toned I am! Because of Michele’s holistic approach, I feel prepared to maintain my healthy lifestyle even after the big day. After the wedding, Michele is going to show me how to use my new kitchen appliances to that I can keep eating well and feeling fabulous!
– SA

“Mac and Cheese is the work of the Devil! That was my go-to food. Macaroni and cheese has almost no nutritional value. It is starch and fat and that’s about it.

When I started working with Michele, I was LAZY and overweight. It doesn’t help that my husband can eat anything. My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight or go on medication for chronic illness.

Michele the Trainer is awesome and I will keep in contact with her forever 🙂 ! I lost over 20 pounds, and now I love to get out and hike. It has helped my marriage because now I can keep up with him. I eat better. I choose fruits and vegetables a lot more. I even graduated flight school. When we moved to another city, I became Flight Dispatcher. I walk my dog, swim laps every night at our new house and I actually walk to work!”
– MC

“You rocked it. Thank you so much for having fun with us yesterday!”
– World Fest Los Angeles

Congratulations to my client, Trekking Girl, for her 100 mile European Trek, “Thanks so much! It was wonderful. It was really, really fabulous to be with xxxxx. When I first told her about putting the Vaseline on our toes, she was really doubtful. But when I finally convinced her to do it, she was so thankful! After the first few days of using it, she seriously exclaimed, “God bless Michele the Trainer!!!!!!” Hahaha. She told me to thank you so, so much for all your wonderful advice that really saved us”
– BS

“Michele the Trainer goes above and beyond. I was stuck. My work out definitely needed a boost…and I wanted to get into tip top shape for a photo shoot. Michele the Trainer to the rescue! Michele first listened carefully to my needs, goals and preferences then custom designed exercise options for me–for home and for travel. I mentioned wanting to start eating more organically and cutting out fake sugars. She made some gentle suggestions which turned out to be the keys to revamping my diet. (organic Medjool dates –best dessert ever! Organic air popped popcorn and Braggs Amino–goodbye potato chips) I’m happy to report that my photo shoot turned out great. I feel wonderful. I’ve dropped weight and don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything. Thank you Michele!!!” – LD

“I wanted to take a moment and thank Michele for being so inspirational and tough, just what I need! I always know Michele cares and wants to push me to do my best; she is always focused to see me do more. Her personality and love of music shine. Her workouts are intense but provide fun variety and are safe for any back pain or limitations I maybe experiencing. Even my son loves to come and cheer me on while she is training me… He thinks it’s awesome.”
– Thanks, Jeff Rafner, Producer/UPM, Grey’s Anatomy

“Michele gets up early every day to help people and sometimes I don’t. The desire to feel better is reinforced by Michele. She is good at accessing individual needs in a group setting. She is not just there for a paycheck, she truly likes what she does.”
– George Larson, Location Manager, Grey’s Anatomy

“Michele’s steadfast commitment to help other’s with weight loss and healthy habits comes from a very personal journey of her own that not only inspires others but has forged a path for others to follow.”
– Sandy Watters, DGA, SAG, IATSE

“The weight loss and health industry are always searching for the next “magic pill” or “fad” Michele the Trainer comes as a force of nature teaching, supporting, healing and nurturing each person during their own personal journey to health and wellness.”
– FM

Copy of BW_emaillarge “How many of us have joined a gym only to meet some unbelievably unnaturally skinny trainer who  looked as though they have no idea what a cookie is or have ever actually enjoyed one? I know I am not alone when I say, “Ah HELLO?!” I hate the skinny size negative zero trainers and have no need for someone who does not understand my personal needs!! I am not an exercise freak, I’m NOT very motivated naturally for exercise nor am I looking to be in a triathlon.. I need a lot of attention, motivation and support just to stay on track. Michele has helped me with all of those things and much more! The thing that struck me as the most important in my personal Journey is the fact that when I needed a cheerleader (even one dressed as strawberry shortcake) she was my cheerleader. When I needed someone to listen to me rationalize my need for sugar, she listened, and even those days where I did not feel like doing Yoga ( or whatever was planned) she was 100% human…. I cannot convey in words how much she is real and human! Michele has, “Been there Done that/Felt that” herself and truly understands what motivates us as unique individuals. Michele YOU are a rock star thank you!……”
– MD

Yes, it is as good as it gets. Michele is a power house. She is not only a trainer but is a friend. As you know it is all about relationships these days. She is there for you night and day. Inspiring calls, immediate call backs… sincere concerns. Better than the best, Never dull, never complacent… just at the top of her game 24-7! The love for her family makes her the perfect 10!
– LR

Michele is a tower of energy packed into a small size. She’s funny, extremely knowledgeable, highly motivating and she always follows up on questions no matter how random or small. Michele totally understands the needs of those just starting out on the road to fitness and those well on their way. I’ve never enjoyed working out more than I do with her!
– WS

“Thank you for all your unconditional love and support Michele-I am blessed to have met you”
– VH

“Thanks for being so caring. It is nice to know you care!”
– JR

“Michele you are a wealth of information, great support and an inspiration!!”
– LR

“Thanks Michele! And thanks for all your enthusiasm and energy around health, be it physical, mental, emotional … You ROCK!! What an inspiration”
– CL

tassim-testimonial“Michele set individual workout paths for each of us individually meeting our interests and abilities at the time we first began her program. After six months on her regimen, we had lost weight while having an enormous sense of better overall disposition. After a year on Michele’s program, and losing more than 10 pounds, we are all working out on your own while feeling great! My 18 year old daughter lost about 10 pounds over a period of six months, decreased her body fat percentage, and now is able to maintain her desirable weight while feeling good and confident about her looks. My 15 year old son began to enjoy outside walks and indoor exercise with the family while slowly learning to use light weights appropriate for his age and body built. My husband also learned to appreciate walking around the neighborhood and after Michele’s guidance, he was able to join the Masters Swim Team – he now swims 3x a week rain or shine thanks to Michele’s incredible motivation.”
– MB

“My first session with Michele the Trainer was challenging since I was recovering from an injury. Michele immediately inquired about my health issues and had me adapt the workout. I was impressed with Michele’s energy and genuine commitment for my health. I found Michele’s knowledge to extend beyond my physical health and loved that she incorporated yoga and tai chi to her classes. She also would talk about maximum nutrition and the importance of eating to LIVE and of the simple importance of WATER (hydration). I recommend Michele the Trainer to everyone I know and so appreciate her commitment to health and that she is always seeking to learn more about how to be a better trainer, educator and motivator.”
– SM

“I highly recommend this trainer/instructor as part of your team!” “I really think you are <club name omitted> material and that they’d be happy to have you… I don’t recommend many instructors for but you are SO up there and they SO need you!”
– LB

“You (are a motivation) because you have so much knowledge and passion for living a healthy active life I always feel like I gain more knowledge from you and that makes me want to know more but also become a better trainer… and you can quote me on that!”
– SD

“Thanks for all the emails…you are making me THINK about what I’m putting into my body! I loved my first class by the way…thank you!”
– NM

“My personal experience has been a bit more challenging; however, more rewarding for I have Fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. Michele has been extremely professional and sensitive to my needs. She created an aquatic and light walk program including the use of light weights that brought my strength back and now I am able to continue it on my own. I have also lost about 13 pounds on Michele’s workout program and continue to swim 3x a week for about 60 to 90 minutes.  In addition to her amazing program, Michele’s overall knowledge regarding the importance of hydration, the significance of eating healthy organic balanced meals, and the value of monitoring how many steps we walk during a day with the use of a pedometer, has helped us significantly.  I have the privilege of calling Michele my friend now. She is loyal, dependable, extremely professional, and a superb motivator who has a passion for assisting her clients achieve their desirable goals while obtaining a healthy life lasting experience.  Should you have any questions, or if I may provide additional information, please feel free to contact me at any time.” MB & Family

With a true zest for life, and an outstanding attitude Michele is delightful to work with”
– AM

“You have spiritual experience unique to any other instructor! You are true to the core. You know what it feels like to be a client.”
– MR

“You have certainly-no doubt at all-been an Angel introduced in our lives. You are helping us get healthier-“

“Michele has been a wonderful influence in our lives. Michele has helped all members of our family to feel motivated towards fitness, as well as, in the direction of accomplishing our goals in meeting a better overall sense of wellness.

“Dear Michele, I can’t tell you how much you have inspired and motivated **********.  She doesn’t stop talking about how passionate you are about helping people with their minds and bodies through your training. I have seen such a difference in her. It’s such a treat to see her care about who she is and how she is displaying her image. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing.”
– AR


“I enjoy the phone conferences very much. I’m learning a great deal, and no longer look at the foods I am buying and eating the same way.” › TH

“I want to tell you that I enjoy the 1 on 1 conversations and the group tribe conversations. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your articles and recipies! I love your interaction with me/us. I love the way you look out for ‘specials’ and forward it to us! I TOTALLY LOVE YOU!”
– FG

Michele the Speaker Testimonials

Please let Michele know if you would like to talk to any of her references… also YouTube’s of her group classes and theme classes/specialties available on request