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1. Intro and Tool Talk with Dave Bullis from Dave Bullis Podcast discuss Evaer, a tool for recording Skype (while we used it to record Skype!)



2. Intro part 2 and Tool Talk with Dawn Casey-Rowe, Author and Educator, blogger at, discuss Scrivener, a software used for writing fiction on Mac and Windows.

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

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3.  Interesting Interview with Shaun Waksman from Tel Aviv, Israel discussing Israeli startups, his company Coupon Roller and more:

CouponRoller is the fun way to save when shopping online! Win great savings and amazing prizes!


4.  Tool Talk with Judy Reagan from Listeners Digest Podcast, discussing Mac and Windows Audio Editing Tools (Audio Hijack/Fission/Audacity).

Windows alternative to Audio Hijack is Total Recorder.

Windows alternative to Fission is WavPad.

RobotOverlordz_cover170x170 (1)

5.  Interesting Interview with Mike Johnson from Robotz Overlord Podcast discussing Robots and are they taking away our jobs!




6. Tool Talk with Michael Paine from discussing Periscope the live streaming video tool for Twitter broadcasting.


7. Interesting Interview with Jeff King from Muse School CA in Calabasas California about their Solar educational program.

Solar Sunflowers:

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8. Interesting Interview with Ani Alexander from Armenia, Host of the Write 2B Read Podcast and owner of PublishMyBook.Today, discussing Writing and Reading Books.


9. LiquidHike Interview show with Jools Farrell Quartermaster, Lead and Medic for and from Sea Shepherd Sydney Australia discussing Sea Shepherds and Minke Whales and her  involvement with them.


Mile Mile and a Half _poster227x227

10.  Interesting interview with Jason Fitzpatrick, DP, Co-Producer and Director of Mile Mile and a Half discussing the movie and what else is coming from The Muir Project.

dog with a blog

11. Interesting interview with Peter Kelsey, Emmy and Grammy winning Audio Engineer on Disney’s Dog with a Blog (and much much more).

Peter’s Reading List:  Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach (Networking) | Tim Ferriss | Edward DeBono, Lateral Thinking (all his books on thinking), Dr. Dain Heer, Being You, Changing the World |  Dr. Joe Dispenza, You are the Placebo.

Love is the solution

12. LiquidHike interview with The Earth Doctor Dr. Reese Halter, Environmental Biologist, discussing the benefits of solar energy, the reasons why we need alternatives to fossil fuels, photosynthesis, why Elon Musk’s Tesla technology is amazing, ancient trees and more. Take your power back! 


13. Interesting interview with Jana Pochop who moved to Austin Texas USA, known for its rich music scene, seeking rock n’ roll stardom.  Together let’s find out how she’s living the dream!

Main website:

Streaming album:

Social Thinkery Consulting Business:

14. Interesting interview with Elena Herdieckerhoff, founder of Entreprincess we will discuss intuition and how it’s the most powerful productivity tool we have!


15.  Interesting interview with Andy Cahan, the most famous musician you’ve never heard of!

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16.  Interesting interview with Director Dempsey Tillman, discussing his new short film The Art of Human Salvage starring Edward James Olmos.


17.  Paula Gregorowicz, joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where we learn about the app Mile Bug and how it can help us make more money if we drive around at/for work! Paula Gregorowicz (pronounced Greg-Er-O-Vich) is the owner of The Paula G Company LLC, where she empowers business owners and savvy professionals to take charge of their time, productivity, and technology and live a life they love. She combines her background in corporate America, spirituality coaching and track record as a powerful implementer in small business, and brings all of this to bear for women business owners. A passionate photographer and outdoorswoman, Paula also has a book, Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom. Great stuff not only gets started with Paula, it gets finished!


Apps: and


18. Leah “Stellabelle” Stephens joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where she teaches us how to use the Enlight app with photos.

Stellabelle doesn’t promise you the universe. But she’ll help you peel back the layers of your confusing life and hand you an oxygen mask when you start to faint. What separates Stellabelle from other writers is her ability to dissect miserable situations and create interesting solutions that anyone can implement. She can help you start something new or escape from your own hell.  Stellabelle is an artist, writer and YouTuber. She has cut her own hair since she was 18 years old and calculates she has saved $3,240 over her lifetime. She views life as a giant experiment.



Join her email newsletter to be notified about upcoming books:

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19. Milena Rangelov joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where she teaches us about Quora and shares it’s advantages.

Milena Rangelov does PhD research in material engineering and writes daily. As the creator of numerous idea lists for Quora, she has been published on and Huffington post.

Tornado focus

Bad habits at Huff Post

Does anyone enjoy life at Inc


20.  Marina Terteryan joins Michele for an Interesting Interview regarding Service Design Thinking and The Why Lab in Los Angeles.  Marina is a communications and business designer at The Why Lab, which is a fancy way of saying she is a professional creative problem solver. She is the host of a new podcast called Why Service Design Thinking, a look how small to medium sized businesses and nonprofits can implement thoughtful design to solve problems and innovate in their organizations.


Podcast on design thinking for small and medium sized businesses –
Blog on ergonomics for entrepreneurs:

Jools 1sea-shepherd-australia-sticker_1

21.  Jools Farrell! LiquidHike Interview show with Jools Farrell (returning from Episode 9) Lead Coordinator Sea Shepherd Sydney Chapter, Offshore Crew Member, Ships Medic/Quartermaster on the MV Sam Simon for Operation Zero Tolerance discussing Sea Shepherd Global’s campaigns ‘Operation IceFish 1 & 2, The Patagonian Toothfish and the equipment they use onboard their vessels.

Complete Show Notes and PHOTOS here

Sea Shepherds Operation IceFish

Liquid Hike Patagonian Toothfish (Chilean Sea Bass) Michele The Trainer Episode 2


22. Alicia Saba joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where we learn about the app CamCard.  Alicia Saba has traveled extensively and is passionate about helping others get the most out of their travels, making them easy, comfortable, creative, and smooth. To find out more and to get started planning your upcoming travels visit

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23. Dave Bullis (returning from episode 1) joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where we learn about how to get started with Final Cut screenwriting software. Dave Bullis is a Philadelphia based filmmaker. In 2016, Dave won 1st place in the Robert McKee Cartoon Contest and his podcast, The Dave Bullis Podcast, hit its 100th Episode.

Dawn Headshot

24. Dawn Casey-Rowe (returning from episode 2) joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where we learn about the app Evernote.

Dawn Casey-Rowe is the author of “Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform.  She is an educator, blogger, and business owner currently living in Rhode Island with her family, dog and chickens.  She is passionate about health, tech, sustainability, and teaching kids the impossible’s possible. She blogs at

Miele headshot - Copy

25.  Gloria Miele joins Michele for an interesting interview about the Mindfulness for Laser Focus and Productivity. Mindfulness is now being implemented at Google, Salesforce and Pixar, for example.

Gloria Miele, Ph.D. is a leadership development and executive coach, trainer and speaker who uses a strengths-based approach to bring out the best in leaders and their teams. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is on the Columbia University faculty (ideas shared are her own).

Mindfulness Apps & resources mentioned:


26.  Heather Osgood from True Native Media joins us for an Interesting Interview about monetizing blogs and/or podcasts.  Heather Osgood is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for living outside her comfort zone and a system for continual self improvement.  She is also a business coach and has a weekly podcast Leap to Grow. Heather has just launched True Native Media a company specializing in partnering podcasters with advertisers.


27. Laura McClellan, the productive woman, joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode about productivity and productivity pitfalls. Laura McClellan is a lawyer, a writer, a productivity enthusiast, and a tech geek, and host of The Productive Woman, an award-nominated podcast about productivity for busy women. Married for 37 years to her high school sweetheart, with whom she’s raised five amazing kids, she’s passionate about encouraging women in their individual journeys as people, wives, mothers, citizens.


Podcast: The Productive Woman

Legal Blog: Real Estate Law Blog

Twitter: @LauraMcMom

Apps & book discussed:


28. Keisha A. Rivers Shorty joins Michele for a Tool Talk discussing VCITA which includes CRM,  Scheduling, Online Payments, and Document Sharing.

Ms Keisha A Rivers Shorty assists clients to create strategies for success both personally and professionally through her Released & Ready programs, BeastMode Boot Camp strategy intensives and FAB Outcomes training. Her goal is to enhance her clients’ knowledge of self, knowledge of strategies and knowledge of systems to enable them to fuel their passion, align with their purpose and build their legacy.  With over a decade under her belt as an entrepreneur, she has created systems and strategies for success for clients of all types and sizes.  She is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker; a visionary strategist; dedicated consultant and author.  Please welcome Ms. Keisha A Rivers Shorty.
Twitter: (@karsgroupltd)

John Sparks

29.  John Sparks joins Michele for a Tool Talk to discuss how to do social media (not just Twitter) & Get High Returns In Less Than An Hour A Day!

Using ManageFlitter + RapidClick solution

Pixler (free graphics tool) and Klout

Twitter:  @iamjohnsparks

Top 100 Social Media Power Influencer of 2015 via & #1 Best-selling author of

“365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”

Book Link:
Top 100 Social Media Power Influencer List of 2015:


30. Heather Saffer was recently featured on Shark Tank and walked away with an investment from Barbara Corcoran for her vegan frosting company Dollop Gourmet!

Heather Saffer is the founder and CEO of Dollop Gourmet, a natural foods company that produces all-natural healthier gourmet frostings & spreads made from premium non-GMO ingredients. Dollop Gourmet frosting is available in over 600 stores Nationwide.

Heather is the winner of season 4 of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and author of  The Dollop Book of Frosting (Adams/F+W Media), Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in the Dessert Baking cookbook category.

Recently seen on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank (episode 7:27), Heather walked away with an investment from shark Barbara Corcoran. As a successful entrepreneur and self taught baker, Heather has been featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Huffington Post, Oprah, Women’s World, USA Today, and Sirius XM just to name a few, and has her own monthly dessert segment on Rochester’s Fox affiliate.

Heather Saffer / President & Frosting Developer, Dollop, Inc.

Shark Tank Episode #7:27 (you can find it on Amazon!)


Coming Attractions–Fall 2016


31. Chris Edgar, Writer and composer Chris Edgar has written music for film, theater, TV, digital series, commercials and more.

Chris has worked on award-winning films, including his animated musical Steve’s Quest, which won numerous awards including the International Academy of Web Television’s Best Animated Series Award and the Best Original Score Award at the Hollyweb festival. Also a songwriter and drummer himself, Edgar has toured around the world and written with signed recording artists. Edgar aims to bring together the musical theater genre with film and animation in new, unique and entertaining ways.

Chris also wrote and starred in an animated series called Steve’s Quest, which is at

See also Episode 14 of International Women in Film podcast, where I interviewed Jenn Page, the Director of The Breakout: A Rock Opera written by Chris Edgar with music by Chris Edgar

Upcoming Guests:

Head Shot Black Top

Jennifer Dawson joins Michele for an interesting interview about organizing our email, schedule and paperwork to accomplish our work and enjoy our lives.

The Clutter Explosion – Where Did All This CRAP Come From?

Jennifer Dawson is the owner and lead organizer at Ottawa-based, Adventures In Jennifer has been organizing for over 20 years, and is passionate about serving her clients and helping them move from chaos to calm, while ensuring they have the skills and tools to “lose clutter and gain clarity.” Her extensive list of credentials ensures that she is able to serve a wide array of needs across the spectrum, and these include:
• Certified Productive Environment Specialist
• Trained professional organizer with Professional Organizers in Canada, as well as the Chair of the Ottawa Chapter
• Certified as Advanced International Organizing Professional
• Studies with the Institute for Challenging Disorganizing which focuses on the psychology behind clutter, ADD, hoarders and seniors
• Certified Senior Move Manager
• Certified Home Stager
Seniors, boomers, young families and solopreneurs have all accessed her services.
In 2014 Jennifer was asked to present at a Zoomer media event in Ottawa, has been on both CBC and Rogers television as an organizing expert.
Jennifer’s book entitled “The Clutter Explosion: Where Did All This CRAP Come From? How to Organize, Declutter and Find Peace” was released in August of 2015 and is available on Amazon.
Find Jennifer’s book

Special!    A personalized link to give interested listeners 50% off Jennifer’s online course!

Luke Kondor joins Michele from the UK for an Interesting Interview where he teaches us how to tell a story. Luke is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. He’s been featured on iO9, Digg, Raindance, Londonist, and in C41 Magazine.

Interesting Interview with Deb Halberstadt from Half City Productions teaches us about Los Angles County Debris Flow from her experience creating the public service announcements.


Cheryl Jones joins Michele for an Interesting Interview about Movies and how they move us.

Patrick Dodson joins Michele for an Interesting Interview about how music moves us.

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