Does that last 20 POUNDS you lost keep finding you again? You can do it!

Michele the Trainer has lost 165 lbs and kept it off..
she can personally help you do it too!

istock_000007144374xsmall-2Did you lose weight and gain it back?
Are you paying for a weight loss program and you need more individual support or time?
Are you a refugee from a weight loss program or diet?
Are you on a diet that doesn’t work?
Did you get surgery and still not at your goal weight?
Did you lose weight and want to make sure you maintain it?
Did you lose weight, but still don’t feel firm and sexy?

image-weight-lossMichele the Trainer brings colorful energy, a fun personality, and results to your workout. Michele is a weight loss expert having lost 165 pounds with no drugs or surgery and she has maintained that weight loss; she is authentic and real. Whether you’re looking for intense strength and cardio personal training workouts, healing restorative yoga therapy, or successful nutritional weight loss plans, Michele designs programs uniquely for you to achieve your goals.

Serving all ages and ability levels.