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DSC_01031Healthy Lifestyle Coaching with Michele (see Online Personal Training for Telephone/Skype Details)

Need an enthusiasm boost? Need a real fan? Have questions? Need or want individual LISTENING attention?

Want to lose weight? Want to get motivated?  Want to talk about it?  Want to talk to someone who “GETS IT?”

Would you like some dedicated 1:1 time with Michele but you’re too busy, live to far, or it’s just too crowded when you see her, and you want FULL attention?

Get Motivated and stay in the Mindset with Michele the Trainer’s Lifestyle Coaching

In our initial session we will review your fitness and wellness goals, and create a reasonable realistic plan for you to reach your goals! Meeting with Michele regularly will help you stay on track.

It is very easy to lose sight of our own fitness and wellness goals. Stay the Course with Michele the Trainer.

It’s ok to have help! All great athletes have coaches for a reason.

Email Michele today to inquire about and schedule some dedicated in person or phone/Skype/Online coaching sessions.

Michele is the greenest eco friendly “walk the walk” person you know…find out how she can motivate and inspire you to lose weight, keep it off, get your workout on track, get your workout BACK on track, get healthy, stay healthy, gain longevity and feel great.

Motivation is a very personal thing….so get personal with someone who is authentic.

Click “Contact Michele” if you have any questions or to setup a time for your initial consultation.